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KetoCuisine Tips & FAQs




  1. Make sure spices are fresh, to guarantee more flavor

  2. When using spices, allow time for flavor of spices to blend

  3. Use silicone bakeware & stoneware for no fat/oil loss

  4. Add KetoCuisine to thicken drinks, sauces & dips

  5. Adding a pinch of baking powder will make KetoCuisine rise

  6. Pastry can be made in advance to freeze for later use.
    Can be kept frozen in a sealed container up to 3 months.

  7. A source of carbohydrate (fruit) can be used to easily decrease the recipe ratio to your goal ratio. For example, a 3:1 snack recipe (peanut butter cookies) can be turned into a 2:1 ratio snack by adding a small amount of fruit juice diluted with water. All adjustments should be made using KetoCalculator and verified by a dietitian (if needed).


Q – Do I have to verify each recipe?
A – Yes, if the total protein, carbohydrate and fat differ from your diet prescription. It is best to ask your dietitian if adjustments are needed


Q – Is the cellulose counted as part of the total carbohydrate?
A – No, cellulose is an insoluble fiber and is not counted as part of the total carbohydrate.


Q – How long does 1 bag last?
A – 1 bag of KetoCuisine contains 500 g powder. The average recipe uses a range of 25-35 g of KetoCuisine.


Q – Have the recipes on the www.ketocuisine website been tested?
A – Yes, each recipe has been calculated using Ketocalculator and physically tested to make sure the recipe works.


Q – Is KetoCuisine gluten free?
A – Yes.













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