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New look, new recipes, same great product!


A ready to use 5:1 Low Carb Baking Mix. Enjoy the taste of ketogenic traditional homemade cooking and baked goods!

What Does 5:1 Ratio Mean?

For every 5 grams of fat there is 1 gram of carbohydrate and protein combined -> 5 g fat : 1 g protein + carbohydrate.

Consuming KetoCuisine alone (without the addition of carbohydrate and/or protein sources) will result in a 5:1 ratio and could cause excess ketosis, a serious side effect of the ketogenic diet. KetoCuisine is intended to be used in recipes, where the ratio is reduced to meet your goal level of ketosis.


Q - What conditions are managed by a Ketogenic Diet?
A - Numerous clinical studies have shown therapeutic benefits of the Ketogenic Diet for a variety of diseases as well as non-medical reasons.

Conditions managed by a Ketogenic Diet, but not limited to:

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Q - How long has KetoCuisine been on the market?
A - KetoCuisine has been available since 2012

Q - Have the recipes on the been tested?
A - Yes, each recipe has been calculated using Ketodietcalculator and physically tested.  

Q - I am using the Ketocuisine for medical purposes and need to be strict with my prescribed ratio. Do I have to check the recipes for accuracy?
A - Yes. The recipes were created using Ketodietcalculator, but ratios may differ slightly when different brand name ingredients are used.

Q - Is KetoCuisine gluten free?
A - Yes.

Q - Does KetoCuisine contain artificial colors, sweeteners or flavorings?
A - No

Q - Do you ship internationally?
A - Yes, orders can be placed online and shipped to the country of your choice. See below for Canadian orders.

Q - I live in Canada, how do I order KetoCuisine?
A - All orders shipping to a Canadian address must be placed by calling 1-877-667-6522. Our Canadian distributor, Paramed Specialties Inc. will take your order.

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